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  • Mia Cotone Simple Handbag Dust Cover-Ivory-Large

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    Item: Mia Cotone Simple Handbag Dust Cover-Ivory-Large
    Item Code: MC-007-700-Ivory-Large
    Color: Ivory
    size: H:17.5" X W:21.5"
    Handbag over manufactured by Mia Cotone in USA
    Patent Pending anti-dust inner linning, strong breathable outer fabric.
    rubber transparent name tag holder,
    closure: zipper
    Made for large luxury handbags and purses
    Machine washable (delicate) and tumble dry

    About Mia Cotoné
    Mia Cotoné (meaning "my cotton" in Italian) was created by a woman like so many others with a “great love” of handbags. She purchased handbags/purses in all colors and styles – they were all too irresistible! Her problem was keeping them protected from dust, organized and identifiable during storage.
    She knew using a dust cover was her first line of defense in protecting her handbags. She wanted to find the perfect dust cover that "did it all" - more than just a dust cover. A dust cover that had several functions.  She had too much of an investment in her handbags not to use them. She needed something that offered protection and simple identification without having to search for it. She wanted them dust free and ready to use at a moment's notice. Needless to say, she wanted to protect her investment and keep her handbags looking beautiful and new for many years to come.
    She searched for a resolution and was unsuccessful. That's when Mia Cotone was born.
    Mia Cotone handbag dust covers are multifunctional and create an organizational system for your handbags. They PROTECT, ORGANIZE, IDENTIFY and STORE your handbags. The end result is you SAVE TIME & MONEY! You save time by finding the handbag you are looking for instantly and you save money by protecting the handbags you invested in.  You can organize by color, category, name brand and even add a photograph.  They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. 
    We also created an ID Tag system to upload a photograph of your handbag, print, cut and slide in to the id tag's that simple!
    Mia Cotone is purse storage at it's best!  Factory Made in the USA