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  • UV-FAR Germicidal Light with Ozone Technology-Kill Virus/Bacteria 38W

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    Item: UV-FAR Germicidal Light with Ozone Technology-Kill Virus/Bacteria 38W
    38W Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp UVC Ozone Germicidal Light Remote Control 110V
    Item# uvglot38w002

    This is the New 2020 Model!

    UVC Ozone Disinfection Light Household Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Remote Contro

    Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin. All personnel and plants and animals must leave the site during use to ensure safety.
    1. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause burns to human eyes and skin. Before use, make sure there is no living body in the space.
    2. It is recommended that each sterilization time be more than 15 minutes. It is recommended to move more in the same space.
    3. Ventilate the space after sterilization to dispel bacteria and eliminate the odorous gas produced by death.

    4. EFFICIENT AND PORTABLE Anti-Bacterial Rate 99%, cleans and sanitizes air by killing Allergan, mold, effectively improve living environment. You can use it anywhere you want. Combined with timing devices,you clean the air when when you're going out.
    5. LONG LASTING Lamp life 8000 hours,It removes odors, dust particles which can cause allergies, asthma and other harmful maladies.
    6. EASY TO CLEAN When cleaning the UV lamp, cut off the power and use a clean, soft cloth or alcohol graze hanged gasoline and other organic solution to wipe.
    NOTE: Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns. Avoid direct exposure of a long time on the human body. It require people and animals waiting outside during disinfection , after disinfection is completed it also need to wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition completing.
    Note: This product is Not a touch screen, the remote timer must be installed with a battery to use.

    Product: Germicidal Lamp / Remote Timer(23A 12V ALKALINE BATTERY, BUT Not Included Battery)
    Material: ABS / Quartz
    Voltage: 110 V
    Mode: UVC + Ozone / UVC + NO Ozone
    Rated Power: 38 W
    Size: 210 x 170 x 460  mm
    Plug Specification: US Plug
    Use Area / Working Time: 8-10W / 10㎡ / 15 minutes, 15-20W / 20㎡ / 30 minutes, 30-40W / 40㎡ / 60 minutes
    -Be careful to cover the precious calligraphy in the room-Prevent oxidation and discoloration due to prolonged ultraviolet radiation.
    -Ozone-free UV lamps: If UV rays are blocked by objects, unsterilized areas will not be disinfected. Suitable for elderly and pregnant women at home
    -Ozone UV lamp: Ozone can fill the entire room without being affected by obstacles. In toilets, kitchens, pets and other places
    -Ultraviolet rays have a killing effect on organic cells. Avoid prolonged exposure to pets and plants.
    ackage Includes: 

    1 Disinfection Lamp
    1 Remote Timer (23A 12V Batteries Not Included )
    1 Manual